French Culture

The reason why I love French culture is because it has got its shape form the geographical shape of the country. The French culture is surrounded by many historical events that play a vital role. The high culture of France is mainly due to the city of Paris. A major role is played by France in the areas of fashion, movies and cuisines. The culture is gaining its importance from the very old period. Its importance is mainly cultivated around the political importance, economic importance and the military importance of the country. This is a guided by the socioeconomic differences and the regional differences.

The meaning of the word culture is the basic values, ethics and the beliefs of the people that are being followed from the very ancestral time. These beliefs and cultures are being shared by a group of people at first and then it becomes the culture of the entire society. It includes everything that is being learned after birth till the time of death. The French culture is surrounded by certain difficulties. Because of the vast cultural diversification of the French culture it is greatly affected by the geographical division. The French culture till the eighteenth and the nineteenth century followed many customs that were local in nature. They also had many regional differences. After the French revolution the French culture has undergone many vital changes. Now the nation of France has a diversification of foreign languages, it consists of multiple numbers of religions and multiple ethics are being followed. French people are now being found in and across the globe.

The main cause of this French revolution is the educational system of France. Though France has a vast heterogeneous diversity but the cultural identification that has been created is because of the strong internal force of the country. The culture of France is strongly bounded by some of the very important historical events. France still today has many differences in the religious beliefs, in the accent and the dialects used and in the cuisines. The local traditions are also different in different regions. France now follows the concept of multiculturalism.

The other reason why I love French culture is because the French language and the French culture are being promoted by the government itself with the help of cinema. French cinemas get a sufficient amount of subsidy from the government for its promotion. According to the law followed in France all the advertisements are being published or promoted in the French language so that the language gets promoted. But the main topic for discussion is the local languages that are being followed over there. The French public schools now follow bilingual languages. English is taken as the second language over there. It has a very important contribution by the Roman Catholic Church. Though most of the French people are secular in nature but Catholicism plays a vital role in France. Islam is also considered the second largest religion that is still being practiced in France as per France news. The state of France plays a vital role in the promotion and the support of the French culture.